In the bid to address the inequalities which results from oppressions – cultural, political or religious, we have resolved to engage ourselves in taking responsibility to change our circumstances. People can only change if they are willing to take responsibility and leadership in changing those circumstances. Therefore the organization shall recruit both women and men in fulfilling its objectives. However, GAMCOTRAP shall always be headed by a female and all its leadership positions shall be led by women.

GAMCOTRAP is a national feminist organization with activist orientation based on the goal, objectives and vision we set for ourselves. As women, we are resolved to fight against the oppression we experience in various contexts. We also recognize the support of men who care to contribute to fighting the cause of women and girl children. Our primary concern / mandate is to empower grassroots groups, individuals and Community based organizations as well policy decision makers to support women’s concerns towards equality.

In our bid to improve our circumstances we are conscious that men have to be part of this process and struggles. Therefore men are recruited on the basis of their commitment to the values as stated in the goal, mission, and objectives of the organization. This commitment is in response to the National Policy for the Advancement of Gambian Women. Also it is in line with other regional and international instruments that call for the empowerment of women.

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